Bird Brain


Blue Bottomed Booby




3rd most important villain of Petropolis.


Zippy, Owl, Bat, Ewe, Duck, Verminous Snaptrap (sometimes), The Chameleon (sometimes)


Dudley Puppy, Kitty Katswell, Keswick, The Chief, T.U.F.F.

First Appearance


Last Appearance


Bird Brain is the second most important none D.O.O.M agent.He is an evil bird genius who can't fly with his wings. He has an assistant named Zippy who claims he can fly if he believed. He claims to be a Blue Bottom Booby, and he's the most important competent villain. In Thunder Dog, Zippy hires Owl and Bat to be his new assistants. He seems to like Bat better than Owl, because once he done his job exactly as he told him to, but Owl just said "who". Now as of Monkey Business, he has two more henchmen named Duck and Ewe.

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