Verminous Snaptrap is the leader of D.O.O.M.,and the main villain to T.U.F.F..He is also known as Snaptrap.Even though he's a rat he is allergic to cheese.His running gag is that he throws almost everyone in the shark tank.In Operation : Happy Birthday, it reveals that he still lives with his mother.In Dog Dish, it's reveals that she buys all his evil gadgets.Also in that episode it reveals that he has a blog ,and that he uses gadgets for stupid plans such as sneaking into movie theaters.In Forget Me Mutt, it reveals that he is verbally abused by his mother,and in Mind Trap, it is revealed that he dumpster-dives for food.Also, Larry is his brother inlaw by marring his sister.
  • Snaptrap with can and a drawing of Keswick
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